Celosia Cristata

Facts About The Celosia Cristata

One of the most beautiful and unique flowers that you can come across is the celosia cristata. They are colorful, sprawling and one of the best annuals you can grow. If you are looking for a great new flower to add to your garden, you should consider the celosia cristata.

If you have not seen or ever heard of the flower, you have come to the right place. The celosia cristata has often been referred to as ‘cockscomb’ because it strikes a close resemblance to a rooster’s comb.  Basically, the flower can be broken into three different types of flowers. The spikes, plumes and crests vary from one another, but have standard commonalities. Each of these flowers is colorful and bright. These flowers come in a variety of colors and tones including red, yellow, dark red, dark blue and pink. Celosias also range in size from six inches to around two feet tall.

The great thing about celosias is that they can be easily grown from seeds. It grows well naturally in Africa, South East Asia and almost anywhere with a tropic climate. It can also be grown in summer months and in colder climates. That makes them ideal for any green thumb out there. If you wish to grow these, keep in mind, they are annuals and they grow for only about one-fourth of the year. However, you can begin early planting in the winter by starting indoors and moving the plant outside. The soil has to be at a temperature that simulates the tropic environment. The temperature of the soil needs to be around sixty degrees.

If you do not have the skill or time to grow the plant, you can always order it from a nursery. Preferably, you should try to buy them in groups so that you get all variety of colors they offer. If you are buying from a nursery, follow standard protocol and buy only the plants that look healthy. For the Celosia, you want to focus on the coloration and the condition of the leaves. Make sure there has not been any feeding by mites or any other insects.

Another great feature is the costs of these plants are relatively low. If you look online or look in local flower shops, you can expect to pay anywhere from four to five dollars. If you are looking to add the flower to your collection in the wintertime, it is best that you order since they are seasonal. Make sure if you have these flowers in your house, you provide them with a warm room and plenty of sunlight to ensure they reach their full potential.

For the most part, these plants are relatively easy to grow. There are very few insects and pests that feed off them. Periodically, you will have to take preemptive steps to stop mites from feeding off them. You will also have to be aware of leaf spotting and root strangulation. You can prevent all this by preferable feeding plants and placing it near the celosia. To stop leaf spot and root rot, you will need to formulate a system so that the soil remains damp. And to stop root strangulation, try weeding your garden more frequently. 

Whether you are a flower enthusiast or not, you cannot deny to splendor that the celosia cristata gives off. While you can only enjoy it for ninety days outside, it is a great plant to grow indoors. Throughout the year, you can bless your backyard, study or kitchen with a colorful cockscomb. The price you pay and the hours you invest are by far worth it.



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